Aneka Kue Bolu Enak Kalau di Makan Panas

Aneka Kue Bolu Enak Kalau di Makan Panas – I am quiet. in fact, I know the intent of the question you. But I have always been and continue to divert it. Because if I’m trying to answer, my chest would feel tight. I do not like. Because if my chest, Geon will appear in my mind. And today, for the first time in 7 years, I did not come headstone Geon, my dear friend. I went to this shady tree, where we used during school, I was always waiting for him to appear in the shade under a shady tree to ripen. Just as I had already tread the age of 25 years. Suddenly shadows came Geon. As he walked toward me. Pulled my arm. Walk together. Then finally stopped at the stand that there are still many years.

I Brie. It’s the story of my life. Genesis was long, we were still very small, when I was a happy-happy chasing a lizard arrogant, he teased me with its tail ugly. It sucks. But the heartbeat of the tail was no longer attractive, the sound is very noisy in the living room. Distracted. Rush toward the sound source. When I look, it seems that employers look of panic. They are arguing, squatting surrounds something. Somehow my chest rippled, suddenly uncomfortable. Curiosity made me closer, slipped into the middle of the circle, watching what was happening.

I was surprised, watching the scene so heartbreaking days of my life. see my sister Pi. Not! Pi was not wrestle as usual. Pi flounder as a freshly slaughtered chicken, nose and mouth dissipating viscous liquid, tiles. True, it was blood! Blood was smeared body portion Pi are white, and they -the master it, just looking at it alone. Do not know what to do. Small employers seem gasp-shrieked hysterically, crying. While his older brother seemed to be irate, rebuked the side. They blame.

I see he squeezed cotton and betadine in his hand. Useless. However, what about the fate of Pi ?! Movement of the body starts to slow down. Slowly until it is completely stopped. Look, Pi no longer move, he lay helpless on the floor bleeding. An employer trying to destabilize her. But still, there was no response from Pi. He did not budge. It feels claustrophobic once, breathing restrained. I press my chest, pain. My mind struggled. No thanks .. Pi are either already there, now. He can not be saved. They killed him, my brother is dead!


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