Tata Cara Resep Kue Cubit Yang Sangat di Anjurkan

Tata Cara Resep Kue Cubit Yang Sangat di Anjurkan – This tree is about 7 years ago was a place where I always waited for my friend home from school. We are different schools. And incidentally school has a curfew that is slower than the school. Our house is within walking distance. Just a few steps from the gate of my house, I’ve arrived at the gate of his home. But not just because I was willing to wait until 1 or 2 hours late.

His name Geon, my friend of my childhood. Best friends forever for me. omegaIt’s been a long wait?omega He asked. I shook my head hard. omegaFine yuk!omega He pulled my arm to go. Of course I happily obliged. And finally we stopped right in front of our goal all along. Grilled sausage seller small stand. Our habits before progressing to order, we jointly inhale the fragrant aroma of a fragrant savory nan tickle our noses together uttered softly. omegaGrilled sausage,omega

Grilled sausage the real reason. We always buy them after school. With urunan pocket money left over we buy and eat together while walking home. Yet when I realized now, taste the sausage was the same in general. Perhaps because Geon, the best friend of all time, makes it feel different sausages on my tongue that time. Our habit continued until high school graduation. Although it has been equally growing up, but when grilled sausages are on stand by, we forget it all. Until one day.

I do not know after a dozen years of our friendship, Geon so nasty hide pancreatic cancer who had stepped on the final stage. And stupid me, I did not notice it at all. Just over a year since her departure for America to get further treatment, I had to attend his funeral. Geon surrender. At first I was very upset about what had happened. Geon think is the most evil person in the world. However, it continues to sadness and profound regret. I took a big hit. I became moody and regularly visit his grave. Tidy up unruly weeds grow and interfere with the beauty of the headstone. This raises new habit for me. Last 7 years have passed. The habit continued until finally Mama asked.


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