Hari Ini Ada Pepes Tahu Spesial Campur Lontong

Hari Ini Ada Pepes Tahu Spesial Campur Lontong – Immediately kulahap side dish it, but before I swallow, I was aghast. Because suddenly, a fat dog with indignation has been hunting me. Apparently trap. The boy was laughing so hard. Shit. My step runway as quickly as possible, it’s very fast rate dog. I ran and ran, panting. The dog never stops likewise. No! I’m not going to give up so quickly. My mind is spinning. I decided to hide behind a grove of leaves fence, peering from the sidelines, the dog looked confused, swirling a long time, then finally went. Fuihh! It felt relieved. He was no longer looking for me.

I’ve been out of the hideout. Mengeliat. Tired all tastes. Back ku circulated to all corners of my eyes. And you know, what I just saw? across the street there, there is a mother throwing out leftover food. I may not be sure, there was a bit of a side dish and bone, which can reduce the stomach is wrapped around the nan. Without wasting time, immediately. I rushed out there. Full excited, seemed to forget the fatigue earlier. I bolted like lightning, and suddenly I felt, heard a very familiar voice.

The sound came again. No one else .. it sounds small employers. Sure it is! Really happy. Instantly, I stopped. I did not turn around and without knowing a motorcycle is moving rapidly toward me. Too late, the motor was faster. She catapulted me into the sky, then menghempasku soil, and wet. Floating red fluid trickling down to the sidelines of the neck. I could no longer feel my legs. Dizziness. My eyes dizzy. Faintly I see someone running towards me. He said something, not so clearly audible. I muttered. He menggapaiku, took me into his lap, stroking my soft .. tasted one or two drops of water falling into the earlobe. A cry. Haru to hear. However, the faint light was getting dimmer, the noise of the highway began to blur. Changes silence. Silent. Bye mom, bye Po. Heartbeat, all dark.

She looked very hurry since entering the gate Starhigh. He kept walking with long steps and face down, until -BUKK- he bumped into something that made him fall back. “Lenting part,” he muttered while adjusting his glasses slump. He picked up the book that had just fallen, smoothing her uniform, slapped the back of her skirt dirty due to the fall, and then he returned to walk without seeing someone in front of him.


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