Cara Membuat Ayam Betutu Asli Bali Lho

Cara Membuat Ayam Betutu Asli Bali Lho – This story of Revelation, one of a little boy who was walking around carrying baskets of fried in a bus terminal, shouting, “fried foods .. fried .. !!!” and offer it to several people at the terminal. Unlike most other small children, who prefer a vacation to a place of recreation or simply play along with their peers.

The school holidays Revelation prefer doing the activity. Yes, selling fried. Only to capitalize power and his mother’s homemade fried Revelation sell it so the spirit is not complaining in the slightest despite the heat, the more piercing the skin. Perhaps others will prefer to stay at home rather than heat-panasan that will only make the clothes become wet with sweat that kept dripping profusely.

“I want to help my mother, because now the mother is sick, mother was resting at home.” Revelation story with innocent face and still continue to offer his wares to people to buy it. Fried sold child’s grade 1 assortment as gejos, bakwan, fried bananas, and much more. Sold for 1000 rupees per gorengannya.

Once, someone asked forced the proceeds of wares, so who else. A thug. Revelation tried to resist but he could not, thug was so strong. His little body was not able to resist. Resignation. Revelation can only surrender, the people around him really did not care. Basket gorengannya down by the strong hands of the thugs encouragement. Gorengannya scattered everywhere.

Sick, it’s that he can. Small bodies come fall. There is never any sense of giving up on him. He re-emerged. Effort and hard work so high though only with a basket of fried food he tried to help meet his family life. This revelation story teaches us all that life must be lived as well as possible without complaining and despair. Revelation helped her mother willingly and lovingly.