Mudahnya Bikin Tahu Telur Enak dan Bergizi

Mudahnya Bikin Tahu Telur Enak dan Bergizi – I do not know that person. very foreign. He looked great, wide and round, I almost died. He was beaten mercilessly. I turned around at him and he looked very unhappy. He lifted me up, shaking and squeezing my body. I struggled in pain. But I do not give up so easily, I managed to claw strike again. Right now at the peak of their big noses, instantly loose grip. Immediately, I ran, away, wary. He may attempt to counterattack.

Apparently it was not over, that afternoon when I was sprawled casually on the terrace housing the mosque next door, someone picked me. Holds me in the chest. I am shocked. Once I see. Apparently the boy. Relieved, there is no need to worry. But it was gone in an instant relief. That boy. Not again took me to his house. He sat memangkuku on a motorcycle with a holding the wheel at the front. I was aghast. That someone is a stranger who my nose paw afternoon. What does he want? My mind is not calm. The bike is fast moving. I can not do anything. I wonder where they’ll take me. What are they going to kill me? I was so scared, immediately around me turned into a very unfamiliar. I was uneasy. I say to the boy.

“Take me back, not separate me with my mother and also my sister !! I beg you! “But he ignored. He just stroked my head, telling quiet.

Can only surrender. Mother, Po, master, everything flashed in my eyes. Ohh, God .. if I had been able to be patient as a mother, I will not like this! I tried to remember nan crowded roads we passed, the streets of the city of Jambi. Hope one day I can return. But in vain. The path taken so ruet and confusing, hike downhill and passes through many gang. I looked at him, hoping raised his compassion to me, but please stay hopeful, he was not sorry for me at all. There was no turning. He even enjoyed the trip. Squinted, feeling the wind that stroked her hair. As for me? dogged by concerns that extreme.

The motorcycle was also stop the speed. They let me go in there, in the place deserted, I know. I see, the stranger smiled smugly at me. As if to say, “Take revenge!” He was so overjoyed, so did the boy. Unexpected. Apparently they are the same. I walked without knowing where to go, thirst and hunger to attack. Slowed. Looking around, searching. Wish there was something I could find to chew. I caught a glimpse of the boy on the porch of a house being preoccupied with food on his plate. I went, hoping he would leave little side dish, or at least a piece of bone. My long wait. But he was indifferent. Disappointed. I was moved from there. Unexpectedly the boy call me later. Throw away a piece of a side dish, I was chasing him.


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